New and Old Wheels 2022

Help Keep AFF Rolling

The 330-acres of our historic farm and environmental center requires a lot of wheels - trucks, tractors, and of course our historical 1930s Woody.

We need your help. Many of our current vehicles are in great need of replacement, repairs and restoration. Your support will help to make them good as new!

$50 builds our fuel fund for our vehicles to travel around our expansive property.
$100 covers the costs of new brakes to ensure our vehicles are safely equipped.
$250 helps with the costs of new tires for all of our vehicles, these graveled hills need some tough wheels.
$500 helps with the costs of new engines and pricier replacements that our vehicles need to get the job done.

American Engineered Solutions, has graciously offered to match the first $5,000 in donations thanks to Alice Ferguson Foundation Board President, Steve Kim.

Help us keep the Alice Ferguson Foundation rolling!