Back to School 2021

Back to School, Forward to Nature

There is nothing quite like the experience of digging your hands into the sun-warmed earth or inspecting a small, wiggling macroinvertabrate in a puddle with a microscope. We know it will be a while before families and schools are comfortable sending kids on field trips and overnight visits like ours. To make hands-on science learning accessible to all the kids we serve this fall, our team will be hitting the road to make in-classroom visits and will be running our programs in parks and green spaces near schools. But we can't do it without you. Together, we can bring joy and excitement back to thousands of local students after a year of learning virtually. Will you join us in our efforts?

Science is no longer just an indoor classroom project. It’s alive and it’s all around us.

Help us make this vision for the fall a reality for hundreds of local kids as they return to school, with a gift today.